Sunday, February 16, 2020

2020 Conway Location & mid-February Newsletter

Good morning Farmshare community!

I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's sunshine as much as we did!  I'm crossing my fingers that this morning's sunshine continues throughout the day!  I wanted to send a quick email to tell you that while the farm is wet and soggy (expected in February), the start of the season is progressing as well as we can ever hope.  We have broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, sprouting broccoli, kale, beets, radicchio and sugar snap peas started in the greenhouse.  The heirloom tomatoes that we will plant in the high tunnels have been started in our germination room with the next round of tomato seeds to start today or tomorrow.  We have four monster beds of carrots just sprouted in a high tunnel and plan to plant several more beds in one week in the hopes that we harvest enough carrots for most of the May Farmshare baskets. While I never know what March and April will bring, so far we are on track.   

My exciting news this weekend is that we have secured a spot for a Conway pickup location and I hope that it meets the needs of everyone that has asked for one.  I have to say first, I am so thankful for the generosity of Brothers Honey Co in hosting last year's Conway pickup.  My change in venue for this had nothing to do with them but entirely to do with me honing in on what it would take for me to continue dropping off in Conway.  Last fall, after such a rough season, I really considered dropping a Conway pickup altogether in order to simply simplify the Farmshare.  Over the last two months though I have had so many people reach out to me requesting a Conway pickup that I decided if I could get a number of very specific needs met we would be in Conway again this year.  My first and most important need was not just a good location, but a person at that location that would really take ownership of the distribution to help make sure that it runs smoothly and that everyone gets the food they are supposed to.  My second wish was to find a space that could comfortably hold not just the food but a number of members picking up at the same time while impacting the actual business as little as possible.  Both of these requirements also resulted in finding a space where we could run the pickup "market style" like we do at the farm and at Hillcrest in order to reduce our use of plastic bags, a cause that is very important to me.  Last Friday I finalized a commitment to a location that would meet all of these requirements.  For the upcoming Farmshare season the Conway pickup will be held on Tuesday afternoons from 2:30 to 4:00 at Jazzercise in Conway, located at 2625 Donaghey Ave, Ste 102!  I hope this works for the majority of you!  Know that in choosing this location, we NEED you to pick up your food by 4:00 so that we don't interfere with their 4:30 class and we NEED you to bring your own reusable bags and containers!  I'm really excited about being able to offer this.  The women at Jazzercise have such great energy and are excited to help make this happen with us.  

Now, housekeeping...some of you have already signed up for the farm pickup but have expressed interest in a Conway location when available.  If you wish to change your pickup location from the farm to Conway, I need you to click on the 2020 Farmshare link above and follow the "Sign up" link to choose the option to transfer from the farm to Conway.  There will be a $25 additional cost for the Conway pickup.  This is no different than any of our other pickups.  The cost to pick up at a location that is not the farm has always been $25 more.  This helps us cover the cost of the Farmshare basket given to the hostess of the location as well as the cost of delivering the food.  While I love hearing from y'all, there is no need to send me a message about changing as long as you go to the website and purchase the transfer.  Finally, due to space limitations in my truck when hauling the food, we will limit this pickup to 20 members.  Just like last year, I expect these 20 spots to fill up very quickly.  Likely not today, but I won't be surprised if it is full in the next two weeks.  

Please email me at with any questions!  Have a great day, y'all!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

2020 Farmshare registration open in time for Christmas

For all past and future Farmshare members...this post holds two "firsts" for us. This is the first time we are opening up registration for the summer Farmshare in time to give or receive as a Christmas gift! And as a bonus for signing up early, we'll give a jar of the farm's beekeeper's delicious "crystallized" honey to the first ten members that join this season.  Simply click on the "2020 Farmshare" link above to check out details on pickup times and locations for the upcoming season and then if you would like to join us, follow the link to sign up.  Merry Christmas, y'all!!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Conway pickup location is full for Summer 2019

This is our first season to partner with Brother Honey Co in Conway as a pickup location for the summer Farmshare and I'm pleased to say we have filled all available slots for this pickup location!  I'm so glad that the time and place will work for so many people!  I'm so happy to be able to partner with a wonderful family in Conway to make it easier for our members to get their food!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Fall Farmshare to start week of September 10th!

The Fall Farmshare is coming up quickly!  We will start the first baskets the week of September 10th.  Check out the Farmshare link above to see available  pickup locations and times or to sign up online.  Please email me with any questions (  Here's a sneak peak at what the first week's baskets will look like!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Farmshare Newsletter - May 6

Hello Farmshare members!

Tonight's email will be short.  I just want to remind all of you that we will skip baskets this week to give our field crops another week to grow and will resume baskets next week.  This skipped week will not count as part of your 10 weeks of food, we will just add another week in July.  

For a quick update from the field, we've had a ton of plant growth in the last week.  Warmer daytime and nighttime temps have helped the ground warm up considerably and in looking at the 10 day forecast, it won't be long before farmers switch to complaining about the heat rather than the cold!   I told a few of you yesterday that I've started to see the squash plants blooming with baby squashes attached to the flowers.  It is such a strange year for us...I never would have imagined y'all might get squash (a summer crop) before you got broccoli, cauliflower and green beans (spring crops), yet, it appears that might happen!  Overall, everything in the field is looking really good and we are really close to winding up the bulk of our spring planting by the end of this week.  

Our farm excitement for the week included the delivery of a new tractor for the farm as well as one for Gus.  We added a small 25 hp tractor to our lineup to narrow the space between our beds in certain fields allowing us to get a third again more beds into a field.  If you've ever heard me talk about the farm, I often tell people I've definitely learned farming the hard way, through trial and error.  Nowhere has this been more apparent over the years than in purchasing the right equipment to get the job done on a farm our size.  This tractor is one more piece I'm putting in place to help make this farm more sustainable on a slightly larger scale for my farmhand Mike and I to be able to do the bulk of the farm labor ourselves.  

Until next week, y'all....please don't hesitate to email or text me with any questions!  See you soon!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Farmshare Week 1

Farmshare members, we will begin this week!  Your weekly  newsletter just left my inbox.  While I would love to post it here on the website, it does have information in it that is for your eyes only so if for any reason you did not receive this week's newsletter, drop me an email at and I will forward it to you.  In the meantime, I'll share a few pictures of the beautiful dianthus I have in bloom right now.  Enjoy!