Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adirondack Chairs

Last summer III's Granny moved off of the mountain she'd lived on forever and into town.  His mother sent us up to the mountain to see if there was anything left there that we might want.  We came home with mostly practical stuff...a refrigerator for downstairs, some garden tools, and his grandfather's bird books.  We also came home with six plastic Adirondack chairs.

I wasn't really thrilled about coming home with these chairs.  We have plenty of outdoor type chairs-most of which are stacked on each other so they aren't in the yard where we would need to mow around them.  So I didn't see much reason to bring these chairs home.  On top of that, I was nine months pregnant when we picked these chairs up and while comfortable to sit in, these chairs sit about twelve inches off of the ground, maybe.  They are low.  Not made to help the self-esteem of anyone nine months pregnant.  So these chairs ended up stacked in the corner of the barn.

This weekend we were cleaning downstairs and III pulled them out and hosed two inches of muck off of them and paired them up in strategic places around the yard.  Two in the berry patch, two next to the greenhouse and a couple down in the treeline.  Yesterday the Monster found the two next to the greenhouse and those super low chairs not made for a pregnant woman were perfect for his fifteen-month-old butt to climb on.

And off.  

And on.  He was quite proud of this maneuver.

So I decided I was glad we had the chairs.  Not only are they Monster-sized but I doubt we ever sit in them without thinking about Granny's place on the mountain.  We can never have too much of that kind of stuff around.  

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