Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bath-time with Grandma

The Monster has ALWAYS loved bath-time.  But he especially loves bath-time with Grandma.  I have pictures of them from baths in the sink to baths in the tub with him laughing hysterically at the games she comes up with to  play in the bath.

We have been in Iowa for the last week for Thanksgiving and stayed on now for my grandfather's funeral.  Despite the somber mood in the house for the last few days, every evening the bathroom seems to be the place to be.  When I asked about the noise coming from the bathroom I was told they were counting to eight.  Which I found strange considering that counting to anything never seems that much fun at our house.

So I decided to sneak in and watch.

Eight ducks.  Eight ducks lined up and eight ducks knocked to the water.  Which apparently is hilarious.  Who knew?  

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