Thursday, November 10, 2011

Border Collies

I've always had laboid dogs.  You know what I mean.  Those dogs you find on the side of the road or at a shelter and you can't tell exactly what they are but you can see some lab in them.  I like these dogs.  They tend to have all of the great characteristics of labs without having the bad genetics bred into them that a lot of purebred labs do.

My history with laboids is the reason my vet was so surprised three years ago when I showed up at the clinic with a Border Collie.  Jody Kay.

I never meant to keep Jody.  I felt sorry for her when I met her.  She did not live in a good situation.  For months I told her if I ever had the chance to get her out of there, I would.  The day her owner told me he was going to shoot her I offered to take her.  Voila.  I now had a Border Collie.  Much to III's dismay.  After months of trying to find her a home more suitable than our own it was obvious she wasn't going anywhere.

This dog has very few of the characteristics I've liked in every other dog I've loved.  She is crazy.  Like, institutionally, not right in the head.  She barks incessantly when in the pen with the other dogs.  Her herding instinct is strong.  She would love to move cars, or goats, cats, or horses, or Lina, the Monster, or me if I move faster than a walk.

She can't be still unless in the house and then she looks like this while I'm working at my computer.

She is territorial and has a hard time letting any of the other dogs come near me.

 III cannot stand her.

She drives us crazy.

But I love this dog.

I don't think anyone in my family can understand why I love this dog.  Last night though I ran across  a post on a blog I follow and the author summed up why I love this dog better than I ever could have.  

"Have I mentioned Border Collies need a lot of love and affirmation? They’ll sit at your feet and look into your eyes and the second you pat their head and say, “Good girl,” they’ll die a thousand deaths of happiness."  Pioneer Woman

There is very little like the ultimate adoration this dog has for me.  The Monster used to show it, and still does occasionally,

but he's become independent and interested in other things.

This dog remembers a promise I made to her years ago and lives to be by me.  How could I not love this dog?

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