Friday, November 4, 2011

Breaking Up New Ground

Today is gray.  Cold.  And windy.  So I'd rather talk about last weekend.  Which was beautiful.  Perfect.  And so October in Arkansas.

They say fall is the best time to prepare new ground for planting.  We never get that done.  Most of the time we're lucky if we get all of our existing ground worked and cover cropped in the fall let alone actually thinking ahead to where we might want to expand next spring.  This year however, we are looking ahead.  But not by choice.

Among the paperwork required by the USDA to certify the farm organic is a three year plan for crop rotation on the farm.  Three years!  That is how far they want me to plan in advance!  I wish they realized that my spring planting plan changes daily, sometimes hourly, and is all in my head.  The USDA though wants it on paper.  Paper makes III happy too.  Funny thing, seeing it on paper this fall showed me that I need more ground broken up.

So Saturday we put the middle buster on the tractor and dug.  Then replaced the middle buster with the disc and broke up clods.  This field was the result.

After I got done with that it was my turn to follow the Monster around for a while so that III could work on mulching his blackberries.  We tuned up the tractor,

helped lay some irrigation,

and played in the dirt.

It was a good day.


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