Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rainy Day

Well, it's not actually raining here....although I think we are supposed to get some rain.  But it's raining where we planned on being today.  We were planning on making a trip to a farm north of us to visit some friends from the farmers market that we haven't seen in a couple of weeks.  They live on a farm in the Ozarks and raise chickens, cattle and hogs.  We haven't been to their farm since they added hogs to their operation and I was really excited to see the hogs hanging out in the woodlot where they live.  They have such a beautiful place I was also hoping to take some shots of the Monster and his best friend with a little color in the background.  Speaking of the little critter, here he is making his way around our place.

Oh well, maybe next week.  Since the rain hasn't made it's way here yet I think we are headed outside to find something to do.  I'm pretty sure we'll get plenty of inside time in the next few weeks so we'll make the most of this while we can.  

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