Sunday, November 6, 2011

Slides and Static Electricity

When the sun came out yesterday afternoon we just had to take the Monster to the playground.  Not only was this fun but it served a dual purpose in that it wore him out right before the Razorback game began which led to a timely long nap.  This is only the fourth time we've taken the Monster to the park and it's interesting to see the changes in his confidence every time.  For instance, this was the first time we sent him down a slide, just over a month ago.

This was yesterday's reaction to the slide.


It wasn't long before I noticed a phenomenon beginning to happen that I don't recall from my youth.

And the twisty, windy (long i) slide made it worse.  Or better.

Somebody needs to get this kid some product.  Or a haircut.  I loved slides when I was a kid.  I can't help but wonder how often I looked like this.  

Back at home the Monster's brother-from-another-mother wanted to show us he was always ready for a photo op.

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