Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Standard Unit Blocks for Toddlers

I spent yesterday researching wooden blocks.  I really had no idea what I was getting into.  I thought I was just looking for a quick set of blocks to purchase mostly because I was feeling lazy.  I know I could make him some blocks I just didn't feel like it.  Until I saw how much money people wanted for a little set of wooden blocks.  They almost had me convinced that my child would grow up unable to comprehend math if I didn't buy him the right set of blocks.  I became much more motivated.  This morning III took about five minutes before going to work to throw a scrap 2x4 on the chop saw and come up with a set of squares, rectangles and triangles.  I spent about an hour of the Monster's morning nap sanding them down as well as cutting a scrap dowel into columns.  This resulted in the first eighteen pieces of the Monster's future set of blocks.

Now they aren't "standard unit blocks" but they are made up of lengths that are fractions of one foot.  So eventually there will be a math component in play.  I didn't see any real advantage of making them true standard unit blocks but then maybe the fact that I never had any as a child is the reason math comes so hard for me today.  ;)  Just kidding, mom.  Regardless, they were well-received when the Monster woke up.

Now to check the scrap wood pile out back to see what else I can come up with.


  1. love the sign from his race track on the block!

  2. Great job on the blocks! They look fantastic! Your little sunshine looks pretty pleased with them!

  3. Thanks Meredith! I'm glad you posted here because I'm new to blogger and my dashboard isn't working. Your blog was the first I found that I wanted to follow. I added you to my list and then your page just disappeared. I couldn't find it back. I've found I can't add anyone to my list, I just have to bookmark them. I enjoyed finding your blog. Keep writing!

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