Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Entertainment

This is River.   He is one form of our typical Sunday afternoon entertainment.

River lives for two things.  III and ducks.  And in the absence of ducks he lives for bumpers which are a training tool I typically get to see River work with.  River has two gears.  Sit.  And run fast.  These gears make him the easiest and the hardest dog on the farm to photograph.  When III says sit and especially when he's holding a bumper I get the above photograph.  Every time.  A million times.  When not sitting I get no photograph because he's crazy and everywhere.  

Sunday afternoons usually include River retrieving bumpers out of the pond.  It's a form of family entertainment.

It also involves graham crackers.

Last night I attempted to photograph this but I couldn't really get what I wanted.  The light was really getting too low for as fast as he was moving and I don't have a lens capable of getting in his face but I still ended up with some entertaining shots.  

When III decided River'd had enough it was time to do chores.  Horse chores have changed a little bit this year.  Last winter when the Monster wasn't even crawling yet I would wait until he went down for an afternoon nap and then I'd race outside and jump on the wheeler to haul hay to the horses and get back inside before he woke up.  This year he's big enough to help.

Well, kind of.

I do find him entertaining.

Maybe next year he'll be able to throw the hay out.

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