Saturday, December 17, 2011

Big Help with Chores

We've had a round bale out for the horses for the last week and the mule's had a flat tire.  The Monster let me know last night though that it was definitely time to get back into our normal chore routine.  Tigger came along for the ride.

The biggest excitement of our afternoon was that the sun was out, although it was only 45 degrees.  Everything is such a wet, sloppy mess right now...we've got tulip bulbs needing to go in the ground but it's just too wet.  The forecast isn't looking good enough to plan on getting a tractor out any time soon so we'll give it another day or two of drying and I've resigned to the fact that I may have to dig trenches by hand to get these bulbs in the ground.  Not looking forward to least I should have plenty of help.

That's right, lots of help.