Friday, December 30, 2011

Last spider post, I swear

One of the Monster's favorite things to do when he heads outside is go straight to the greenhouse and pick up the hose and act like he's watering the tubs of beet seedlings.  So a few weeks ago I had to put a stop to that by doing this...

While I hate to spoil his fun, my reason for doing so was this...

I've known this girl was in there for a few weeks and really wanted to get a picture of her before taking her life because she's one of the bigger ones I've seen around here.  She's also the first one I've had act aggressive and defend her nest when I dropped the dime next to her and bent down to take her picture.  I'm happy to report she and another much smaller widow no longer live in the greenhouse.  One more to go before I can take the clamp off.


  1. It would be good to have them 'relocated" before we get there as well....yikes!