Sunday, December 4, 2011

Perfect Rainy Day

After almost two weeks of being on the road, 2400 miles in a car with the Monster, a funeral and a sick baby, we are finally home.  It rained literally ALL day.  There is standing water everywhere which I find rather depressing so after surveying the damage (lost all the spinach I left uncovered while we were gone to a freeze, half a bed a of strawberry plants under standing water, a bucket of zinnia seeds ruined due to being rained on) I hung out inside and cleaned and organized.  I find this rather therapeutic.  After spending the morning cleaning the front half of the house while the Monster and III slept in, I enlisted their help in the spare bedroom.  We dropped the bed to the floor and moved it up against the wall, moved in a dresser from my grandparents' house and moved all of the Monster's toys into the room.  I'm not quite ready to push him out of our bedroom anytime soon but this is a step in that direction.  He loved the new room.  He loved that the bed was low enough for him to climb on and once there was able to stand on the bed to look out the window at the goats.  He drove his cars up and down the window sill for a long time!  He was in and out of the room all day long, he loved it.  I have to say after several days of him being sick and inconsolable, I am sure glad to have his happy face back.  As I look around the living room this evening though I think I almost miss seeing all of his toys everywhere.

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