Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mulching Blackberries

The weather was so nice Thursday, the Monster and I decided to finish up a project III had started prior to the opening of duck season.  Mulching our blackberries.

I have a friend/neighbor, Bruce, that barters odd jobs with me.  My end of the deal is always pretty sweet, it involves sitting in his air-conditioned tractors for a few weeks during the summer cutting hay for him.  I can't complain.  His end of the deal usually involves doing something for me that requires equipment that I don't have.  Sometimes it involves using equipment of his own....

Other times it involves calling in favors that other people owe him for the use of their equipment.

These pictures were taken last February when he brought in twelve dump truck loads of composted cow manure for me.  

This summer when the power companies started taking down tree limbs under power lines and running them through a chipper they dumped the chipped mulch at Bruce's place.  So on days where he has some spare time he brings us loads of mulch.  We started out using it to mulch around all of our berries but when that is done we will begin incorporating it into areas of the garden that need more organic matter.  

When the weather was nice on Thursday, the Monster and I worked to finish mulching the blackberries.

We actually managed to get half the row done before having to take a break to visit with the goats and play on the slide.

Then it was time for a nap.  I did have to finish this project alone, but at least it's finished.    

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  1. What a big helper!!! I see the Spiderman bucket didnt make it to the mulch pile.