Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Grandma's Watch

My parents were in town from Iowa last week to hang out while III had to be in Alabama for work.  We were lucky with the weather for most of their trip and were able to hang out outside and at the park several of the days they were here.  The last day they were here though it was cold and the wind was blowing so we had to come up with indoor ideas to entertain the Monster.

Luckily, he loves to color with markers.  We discovered he also loves to eat markers.

As I was washing dishes I noticed green spit coming out the front of his mouth followed shortly by the inky end of a marker that he bit off.  Nice.

While he was coloring he was also skyping with his great-grandmother up in Iowa.  This is him blowing her a kiss at the end of their conversation. 

Skype is such a good thing.

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  1. Those are awesome....I showed them to mom today and she thought it was pretty cool!