Thursday, January 26, 2012

Picking up a Load of Compost

Since it rained all day today Bruce didn't have any concrete work to do so we drove down to American Composting in North Little Rock to pick up a load of compost.  Most places sell compost by the yard-usually in whatever increment corresponds to the size bucket they have on the front of their tractor.  Most nurseries have buckets that hold a half yard to a yard of compost.  This place was no different.  Just bigger.

The man pulled up to load our trailer with this piece of equipment.

Bruce just laughed when the guy said that scoop held ten yards of compost.  We needed a smaller scoop.  Luckily for us, they're in that kind of business.

This scoop held one yard.  We took four of them.  Four steaming, hot, wet scoops of compost.

We got the compost home and unloaded rather uneventfully, which is always nice.  Then I guess Bruce was bored because he showed back up a few hours later with a load of the mulch he's been dropping off occasionally.  

Now, back when we first began to build our barn we developed a nice drop-off point halfway down our driveway for big trucks to drop off big loads of stuff and still turn around without having to get off of our driveway in the grass, or mud as it is half of the year.  Bruce has backed a trailer into this spot many, many times over the years to drop off manure or mulch or random stuff.  Which is why I thought it a little strange that he backed beyond the point of staying on the driveway this afternoon when he showed up with mulch.  What I did not find strange was that it didn't take long for Bruce to get out of his truck to lock in his wheels.  

And then my cell phone rang.  "Tell III I'm stuck."  III had his back to the situation while in his never-ending quest to reinforce the "greenhouse from hell".  I took his picture too, which I'm sure he'll appreciate.

At this point I decided standing up on the deck taking their pictures from afar was more interesting than anything else I had to do at the time.  After all, the Monster was taking a nap.  And I've learned over the years that if you want to take pictures of a guy getting stuck that is not doing so in an attempt to show off, you should definitely take those shots when he doesn't realize you are taking them.  

Finally.  And an explanation from III...Bruce's four-wheel drive wouldn't engage.  So I guess he had bigger problems than simply getting stuck.  

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