Sunday, February 26, 2012

Casualty in the Field

We had a super productive weekend on the farm thanks to good weather and good help from a few interns.  We planted fifty new blackberry plants that came in on Thursday and finished mulching all of the blackberries in the patch.  III worked hard to finish trellising all of the blackberries and our little row of grape plants.  He also transplanted a few more of the older blueberry bushes from the fence line to the berry patch.

One more bush needs to be transplanted and then we need to finish mulching the blueberries and the berry patch will be ready to go for the year.  Hopefully needing less weeding than last year due to our heavy mulch.

The interns potted up trays of lettuce yesterday.  Today, with the help of one intern, we transplanted the snapdragon seedlings to the field and raised and mulched a flower bed that will hold zinnia seedlings in a few weeks.  Then III put the disc on the tractor and Jessica got a crash course in working up a field.

She did great!  After Jessica left the Monster talked me into getting back on the tractor for a few rounds. 

How could I resist this face?

That is when we took our first casualty in the field.  The Monster's mud boot.  I was driving, he was on my lap and in one swift motion he kicked off his boot and I ran over it with the disc.  Essentially cutting the toe off.  No more monkeys.  Luckily we were just given a back-up pair.  

On a less productive note, this is what was happening in the barn while we were working in the field.

Lazy cats.

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