Sunday, February 5, 2012

Caterpillar Tunnel - part 1

In response to my incessant reminders regarding my need for more greenhouse space (I have started prefacing nearly every sentence with "If I had a bigger greenhouse...") III decided to build me a caterpillar tunnel.  A great article explaining how to do this was in my last Growing for Market magazine.  And it just so happened that since we never throw anything away, we had all the parts for it on hand with the exception of two in-line tensioners.  (The hoops were what I considered a baby shower present two summers ago from my friend Eddie at Kellogg Valley Farms.)

III was able to get most of it finished yesterday afternoon, with the Monster's help.  (This project was all them, I just stood around with a camera).

Now to add the plastic.  


  1. perfect-sized monster tunnel! what a helper!

  2. Does Robert ever wonder how he got anything done without this boy??
    I''m still laughing---he looks so serious about everything he is doing! What a helper!

  3. weird - i thought i had already commented on this... hmmm... jon says "that hammer is the size of him!" :)

  4. Funny thing was this amused him way more than the elephants did. Oh well.

  5. Oh, and how about that flannel?