Monday, February 6, 2012

Farm Visits - Kellogg Valley Farm

Prior to the emergence of the caterpillar tunnel, I knew the greenhouse would be full this week and was fairly certain the field would be too wet to work in so I planned a few visits to neighboring farms for the interns.  I want to give them the opportunity to see how some of my friends are growing vegetables.

The first farm we visited was Kellogg Valley Farm.  Operated by my rockstar farmer friend Eddie.

Eddie has a fan following like few I've seen before.  I tease him about his groupies.  Eddie is also one of the hardest workers I've ever known.  A trait I truly can appreciate.  

He has about the same amount of land in production that we do but he uses his so much smarter than I do!  He made a beautiful series of raised beds last summer to allow him to grow much earlier than those of us trying to plant into wet ground in early early spring.  He also made a set of hoops to fit these raised beds so that he can cover them in plastic when the temps drop.

And then Eddie plants in anything that will hold dirt.  Crates, buckets, anything.  It made me wonder why I have a storage room full of empty 5-gallon buckets and flower crates that could be growing things.  

Then we visited the field where Eddie plants the majority of his vegetables.  The Monster had a big time running down his rows of broccoli while Eddie answered questions from the interns.

Then as we were heading out of the field, the Monster found what he'd been looking for.

This almost caused a massive fit when it was time to leave.  On we went though, another visit to make.

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  1. this is great. Since Eddie isn't a writer (he's told me so), could I use this (some of the verbiage + pictures) for the Real Food in LR blog? btw, I know your words were a huge encouragement to him.