Friday, February 17, 2012

Picking up Eggs

Surprise, surprise.  The Monster loves picking up eggs.  With only seven little old hens left in our flock right now it's not the biggest nightly chore but it does provide some entertainment.

A few weeks ago I thought I was smart and decided to give the chickens a drier nest box and hauled an old dog box into the coop.  

Of course the chickens loved it.  I, on the other hand, can't reach the nest they made all the way in the back of the box without taking the lid off-which is not super easy.  So I had to recruit some help.  For a few days the Monster has been watching Chacey go in and bring the eggs out to me.

Today he decided he wanted a piece of the action-muddy britches and all.

I think it should be noted that my child is sitting on the floor of my chicken coop.  There are days in the past that my OCD would have caused me to completely freak out over the mere thought that my child may have been sitting on chicken poop.  I'm not sure if I've grown or simply given up.  


  1. He"s not only sitting on the floor of the coop...he"s in the nest. Just remember little boys are washable!!!!!

  2. Grown! What a great little helper!

  3. oh...and he has his fingers in his mouth!!!