Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beginning Farmer Workshop

I know several people who read this blog do so because they are interested in starting their own small farm someday so I thought I'd pass on a little information.  Our friend Kelly from North Pulaski Farms is hosting a NCAT workshop for beginning farmers on April 6 and 7.  The workshop is free and designed for new farmers or individuals interested in starting a farm.

The information I found on the NCAT website described the workshop as an "educational workshop (that) will teach specialty crop farmers how to manage risk through business planning, recordkeeping and budgeting, and marketing strategies. It will also combine educational presentations with a tour of North Pulaski Farms and hands-on training on topics including season extension, succession planting, and organic certification."  I don't know which of the topics Kelly is actually speaking about but I know firsthand that business planning, recordkeeping, budgeting and marketing are strengths Kelly brings to his farm and I consider him an excellent resource in regards to these topics.  Many new farmers could benefit from lessons he has learned over the past three years.

I am encouraging my interns to take advantage of this free workshop and hope to get this information out to a few others that could benefit from it as well.  Register here!

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