Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flowers are "Nice"

Last week Milan Monster had a surgery that we've known was coming for over a year.  It was supposed to be no big deal and he handled it like a champ but it doesn't change the fact that it's scary anytime you have to take any child to the hospital to be operated on.  Especially one that is so healthy to begin with.  Ironically, while the surgery didn't slow him down much, the cold he picked up from the hospital knocked him down for a few days after the surgery.

The surgery gave my parents a reason to drive down for a visit.  (As if they really need reason).

When my parents are here my mom goes into full-time babysitting mode and she's really good at coming up with things to teach him and challenge him and entertain him.  The on-going activity for this trip was picking flowers.  While I was busy cutting tulips and my dad and III were putting up fence, Grandma and Milan were busy picking clover and phlox.  Over the course of the week, Milan decided flowers are "nice" (must be accompanied by a wave of the hand).

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