Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Farm Name

I'm thinking it would be appropriate to rename our farm this year to "Can't Plant a Straight Row to Save Our Lives" Garden.  CPSRSOL for short.

We all got a lot done today.  Except for the wind, it was beautiful out.  Last weekend Jessica and I transplanted a third of the cauliflower and broccoli and this morning we transplanted all the rest of it to make room in the greenhouse for the tomatoes and peppers to move out from our bedroom.

The tomatoes, eggplant and peppers were planted in flats and started in my germination station and then potted up into cell packs to put in the greenhouse.

My monster man had to help everyone.  He helped Katie by taking her bucket of dirt.

He had to show Haley how to put insulators on t-posts.

He thought he was showing me how to start the tractor but the little smarty pants was on the wrong side.

Luckily for us, III can run a straight line considering his chosen project for the weekend was putting up the new fence line along the front of the property on the west side of our driveway.

Speaking of his straight lines, these are some of the trees III has planted along the front of our property over the last few years.  Three rows of little pines he planted two years ago are coming on strong and north of them is a row of cedars that he transplanted from other parts of our property when we first started to build.

At least my crooked rows are temporary.  I guess we'll keep our farm name.  

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