Friday, April 20, 2012

Napa Cabbage

Monster Milan and I made a "quick trip" to Iowa to visit my parents this week.  It was a last minute adventure based on the fact that we didn't have much to harvest and take to market last Saturday combined with two weeks of beautiful weather that let us get ahead in our planting schedule.  While we were gone the farm got a much needed rain and things around here grew.

One of the biggest transformations in the four days that I was gone happened in a row of Napa cabbage that just took off.

As III and I stood looking at it last night we found ourselves asking a question that has been all too familiar over the last few years..."How do we know when it's ready to harvest?"  III mentioned that it might be nice if I had an idea about how to harvest before I decided to plant new vegetables.  I figure the best way to learn is to jump in with both feet.  And with thirty cabbages under my belt this morning I think I've got it under control.  

Now, the bigger question....what do I do with it in the kitchen?


  1. can you make sauerkraut with it?

  2. Do you like kimchi? I made some with it last year.
    It's also good in stir fry.

  3. I don't know about sauerkraut because neither of us like it. I look for a recipe for kimchi since I don't know what it is. We have been stir frying it in several different recipes and like it. Now I just need to get the word out there to get some people to buy it because we have a bunch of it!