Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Old Foes and a New One

Walking through the eggplant today I saw a familiar sight.  Flea beetles.

Every year flea beetles hit our eggplant seedlings pretty hard and while I'm sure they set the plants back a little bit, it always seems like the eggplant pushes through and comes on strong.  It's not always pretty along the way though.  

A second sight today was not so familiar.  The Colorado potato beetle.  

I don't think I have ever seen a potato beetle on the farm, only in pictures.  Today I killed seven of them.  All on eggplant seedlings.  And they appear to be voracious compared to the tiny flea beetles.  I'm not sure if the reason we haven't seen these dudes before is because we don't grow potatoes, but from what I read on the internets tonight, they seem to favor eggplant and tomatoes as well.  We grow a lot of those.  

It sure is always something.  Just when Mother Nature throws us a bone with some early warm weather she follows it up with a heavy hitter.  Off in search of an organic gun to fight back with.

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