Tuesday, May 29, 2012


River is Robert's baby.

Okay, so those pictures are almost six years old.  He actually looks more like this now...

But for a big bad country dog, he can sure be a baby sometimes.

This week he actually has a good reason to be a baby.  He had ACL surgery last week.  Back in January towards the end of duck season he developed a limp on his right hind leg.  After a vet exam we were under the impression it was some sort of soft tissue injury like a torn muscle and the only course of action was keeping him still to give it time to heal.  Everyone that knows River knows this wasn't an easy task with a dog that has such a BIG motor.  When keeping him penned up didn't seem to help we moved him to confinement in the feed room to keep him off of the leg.  

Finally a trip back to the vet a few weeks ago involved more tests that confirmed a torn ACL.  Yuck.  So last Monday River went to Azzore Veterinary Specialists for surgery and came home the following day with a reason to be a baby.  Now, thanks to our lack of carpet upstairs and the stairs themselves, it's more confinement in the feed room for River for quite a while.

One cool thing about the Azzore clinic is they do a great job of running updates on their patients on their facebook page.  At 10:30 at night they posted pictures of that day's patients prior to going to sleep for the evening.  They do a weekly report containing biographies of the pets they've had in for the week and tell a little bit about the surgery that animal was in for.  They also do a poll to determine their "Patient of the Week".  So, for Robert and River I thought I'd do a little post to see if I could get a few people to throw a vote in River's direction.   This link will take you to the page with the pet bios and the poll where you can vote is on the right hand side of the page.  I will say I think he's going to have a hard time beating out the Waterlily dog...she looks sad enough I almost voted for her!  I think they should have used the picture of him the night of his surgery...

Thanks, y'all!

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