Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bernice Garden

Last week Robert worked out of town most of the week and Friday came and went with the Monster and I unable to get everything picked in time for Saturday's market.  When I got home from Hillcrest on Saturday I started picking again and loaded up Sunday morning to head back to Little Rock for the Bernice Garden Farmers Market.

This was my first time at this market and I had a great time.  The market is held in a beautiful sculpture garden and had a nice little arsty, hippie crowd that rolled on through most of the morning.  Robert and Milan showed up for the last hour or so and the Monster had a great time flirting with everyone and listening to some great music being played by a couple of local guys.  Given his obsession with all things fruit, it was no surprise that he LOVED a melon I picked up from our friends Josh and Anna with Laughing Stock Farm.

And while I don't know this next little boy, the look he had was all too familiar after his parents bought him some of our blackberries...

THIS is why we grow our food the way we do.   

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