Monday, June 11, 2012

Calling All Hands

There's no doubt we're in the heart of it around the farm this week.  Not only are the summer crops in full production but the last of the spring crops are coming out of ground that needs to be cover cropped and late summer/fall crops need to get in the ground to keep from stalling out late in the season.  And everything needs to be watered.  I'm staying super busy, Robert comes home from work to start his second job as a farmhand, Nick's back from vacation and helping out a few days a week, Milan has to forage for his own food, even the goats are busy pulling their weight getting rid of diseased squash plants and overgrown okra.

And did I mention we have blister beetles?  In the house??  Are you kidding me?

Yet as I walk around the farm I consistently find a few slackers.  They all look like this...

This is Resentment.  So named because Robert resents that I brought him home.  I resent that he does nothing but kill bluebirds.  We had a little discussion about how things were going to change around here.  I think he really appreciated what I had to say.    

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