Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth?  Deer repellent?  I have many uses for floating row cover.  Unfortunately it does not slow down a blister beetle.

Although I do enjoy hanging laundry on the line, no, this is not my laundry.  I'm attempting to shade a row of tomatoes that are getting way too much sunburn on them.  The added benefit is that the deer can't seem to figure out what the heck this blowing, billowing white thing is-although they already decimated the rows of purple hulls just to the right of these tomatoes before I put up the shade cloth.  I think it's time to hang some more next to the next patch of peas fixing to flower.

While chunks of my garden are waiting to be turned under and re-planted or covered in buckwheat for a few weeks, and other chunks of my garden are slowly succumbing to bugs and disease, the one area still rocking and rolling is the lower end of my east field (as I knock on wood).  Three massive rows of loaded up cherry tomatoes, a beautiful row of heirloom tomatoes, the onion patch, a winter squash patch, and cucumbers on the trellis.

If I had flowers down there I may just spend the rest of my summer there and let the blister beetles have the rest.

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