Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Load of Compost

Yesterday Bruce and I ran back to American Composting in Little Rock to pick up another load of compost.  Our trip was extremely uneventful and ended something like this...

Prior to heading out though, Bruce got to the farm a little early and hung out eating watermelon with us while we waited for my mother-in-law to show up to keep an eye on Monster Milan.  I guess I've created a monster-well, a watermelon eating monster anyway and he put on quite the show for Bruce.  

As soon as he heads out the downstairs door lately, the chant begins.  Wada, wada, wada, as he runs from me to the fridge where I keep the watermelon.  Yesterday apparently I did not move fast enough to suit him. Wada, wada, wada soon turned to a desperate wail as he bear-hugged the refrigerator, WADA!!!

Finally, with his belly full it was time to feed the rinds to the goats.  Bruce helped carry the bucket.

I'm not sure who's belly is more full of watermelon these days...Milan or the goats.  

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