Monday, July 23, 2012

Barnhill Orchards

This morning we took a little excursion over to the other side of Cabot to visit my farmer friend, Bob Barnhill, from Barnhill Orchards.  I met Bob last summer when our booths were next to each other at the Hillcrest Farmers Market.  I immediately decided I liked this man and took every opportunity possible to pick his brain about growing vegetables in Arkansas.  It didn't take long for me to find out how competitive he was.  Last year he'd watch as my flower bouquets sold before his zinnia bouquets and then he'd start setting his zinnia bouquets on my table to sell.  This year he showed up with some crazy monster zinnias and told me I'd never be able to grow zinnias like his.  Considering that he has access to synthetic fertilizers that I can't use, he may be right.  But I'll take his challenge.  

Today he took time out of his morning to give me a tour of the main part of his farm and despite the drought riddled conditions, his tour didn't disappoint.  Unfortunately, I was so busy asking questions and listening to his answers that I pretty much forgot the camera in my lap.  I did get one good picture of him in front of the flock of geese that live on his pond.

And a picture of one of his crew picking okra in what I consider to be a massive okra field.

I have to say that despite differences in farming philosophy, I have so much respect for this man and really appreciate him taking time out of his day to visit with me and share some of the knowledge he's worked so hard to learn over the years.  I can only hope to be doing this when I'm his age.

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