Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Squash, again?

We're always so excited the first night we get to eat fresh squash every summer.  After freezer vegetables all winter, nothing tastes like the first summer squash.  However, even my very not picky husband will raise his eyebrows at being served some variety of squash for supper going on 58 nights in a row.  Lucky for him a lethal combination of blister beetles, squash bugs and cucumber beetles are soon to put an end to it.  Lucky for me the goats don't complain as we dump load after load of bug laden squash plants into their pen.

This goat's name is Stand-off.  

Because he's so obviously shy.  And this is Racket.  Also named for obvious reasons I have difficulty portraying in a photo.

And this little goat's name is....wait, that's a monster, not a goat.  And he's on the wrong side of the fence.  And missing a shoe.  


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  2. just realized why he looked so tall--he's climbing on the fence! And look at Nick the tractor driver!