Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the Pea Patch

Monster Milan and I were checking on the progress of our last pea patch this afternoon.  He moves much faster than I do.

And much faster than Chacey.

One night last week we actually got a few drops of rain so before going to bed we turned off the radio that we have been using as deer deterrent.  It resulted in a little bit of damage on the west end of each row.

As the flowers start to bloom, standing in the pea patch and later picking peas can be a little bit intimidating for someone who hasn't picked peas before.  For whatever reason, about two dozen (or more) different wasp species are the major pollinators for this plant in our gardens.  From red, to yellow, to blue and black, big and small, in the next week these peas will be covered up in wasps.  I've picked a lot of peas over the last five years though and it's obvious these insects have one intention...pollination.  Which is why Milan has no fear of them and points them out on each flower he sees.

We did find two volunteer watermelon plants hiding in the rows, not sure how I missed them while weeding.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it's too late in the year to have much hope in them producing anything.

Finally, with the sun going down in the background, I just liked this picture.

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