Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pullet Eggs

For about a week now we've been finding pullet eggs everywhere.  I expected this to start around September but don't mind one bit that it started sooner considering it means we aren't far off from picking up about fifty eggs a day.  I thought I'd take a picture of a few of them to show the difference in size between these first eggs the pullets lay and the eggs they will lay in a few weeks.

So far all I've found are green or blue pullet eggs but that doesn't surprise me since the Buff Orpingtons (which lay brown eggs) are a larger breed and take a little longer to mature than the Ameracaunas (which lay the blue and green eggs).  I thought this little egg was particularly pretty with it's mottled design.

I did have a lot of help when trying to take some of these pictures and unfortunately, pretty was not something my help was interested in.  

Destruction was.

This photo shoot ended a little early.  With happy dogs.

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