Friday, August 31, 2012

Rain & Hummingbirds

Finally, we've gotten rain.  Despite the weatherman predicting 100% chance of rain, Robert was sure that somehow it was all going to miss us.  And yesterday afternoon as we watched it raining on the highway, eight hundred feet north of our house, yet felt no rain on us, I was starting to believe him.  Finally at 5:00, we heard the first drops hit our tin roof.  We sat and listened for a while and at 5:30, Robert read my mind when he said "I'm bored".  Apparently it's been so long since we sat, unable to work because of the rain, that we've forgotten how to sit.  With rain all night and through this morning, we are getting some practice.  We got just under three inches of rain through noon today and it started up again a few minutes ago.  And we aren't complaining.

I didn't take any rainy day pictures today but I thought I'd post a few pictures of one of my favorite fall subjects...hummingbirds.  I'm definitely still learning with this camera and the hummers have been a little frustrating.  But with migration in full swing and me diligently filling feeders I expect plenty of opportunity to practice.  I liked something about this picture despite my inability to get a lot closer.  Did I mention that one factor limiting my success in this endeavor is the two year old standing underneath the feeders yelling "BIRD!!" at the top of his lungs?

These little suckers were much easier to photograph when I was travelling solo.  So I pulled a couple of old photos that I like.

As I head to bed, I hope tomorrow brings more rain and more hummingbirds.  

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  1. I had no idea that humming birds looked so beautiful and extraordinary exotic. Your picture shows that how exactly they look. I love their colors.