Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rain?? Maybe??

I'm sitting here listening to a sound I haven't heard in over eight weeks.  Raindrops on our tin roof.  Not a lot yet, but a few.  With cloud cover to the west, maybe we stand a chance.  For eight weeks we've watched it roll just north of us, never landing on our side of the ridge.  Robert just left to drop off the mid-week market orders, the Monster is uncharacteristically still in bed at 8:00.  I think this is going to be a short post while I sit with a cup of coffee on the porch and watch it rain.


  1. wonder what the monster will think in the rain?

  2. While I hope you got your much needed rain, I can only hope the rain stops here in Central FL. I have been following your blog for the past few months, and I appreciate you sharing your successes and disappointments. Last fall, I started growing cut flowers for market. While I found success last fall, it has been nothing but disappointment this spring/summer. In the spring my beautiful sunflowers were destroyed by beetles, and when I thought the beetles had run their course on came the summer rains. It is nice to know I am not the only one fighting the elements. I'm looking forward to fall and chalking this summer up to another learning experience. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and pics.

    1. Thanks for the note! I started this blog to show how much I love this life and to show how lucky I am to have so much beauty in my life every day. Then this summer hit! And I felt like it was one downer post after another for a while! I mentioned that to a friend and she said to just keep keeping it real. I had two great flower seasons and then this year has been tough so I know how you feel. Keep fighting and always expect a curve ball! Thanks again for the note!