Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today's Encounter

Heading to the coffeepot this afternoon gave me a good view of the deer our sleeping dogs were missing outside.

While Robert's first reaction is to find something that makes a really loud noise, I always head for a camera.  And while these shots taken out our bathroom window aren't great, they got interesting when I got them back to my computer and saw that I caught something I wasn't even looking at.  

We hadn't been watching long before something spooked them and all seven headed back to our woods.

I was actually watching the big doe in the middle crawl under the fence and accidentally caught the buck on the left attempting to go over the seven foot fence.  I didn't realize this until I loaded the pictures on my computer. 

It may not have been pretty but it got him where he was going.

And in the time it has taken me to upload these pictures, they're all back in the vegetable field.

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  1. I'm thinking you need a dog fence around the entire perimeter and then turns the dogs loose!