Thursday, August 9, 2012

Visit from Andrew

Yesterday afternoon, Monster Milan and I had a nice visit from one of last summer's Hendrix interns, Andrew.  Andrew was not only a great benefit to the farm but had a great relationship with Milan.  Andrew loves children and he and Milan clicked from the start.  He's made a point of dropping in to visit when he's in town and dropped by yesterday to bring Milan a late birthday present.  Milan had a big time sharing some watermelon, showing him his tractors and his spiders and then finding the bucket of chalk to play with.

And despite an abundance of concrete to draw on, it wasn't long before they decided a new canvas was necessary.

Milan thought this was hilarious.

And then decided to join Jody on the floor.

Finally, it was time to clean up.  

As usual, Chacey was up for the challenge.

We love it when Andrew visits!

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