Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Move, please.

Milan and I were out bush-hogging our back horse pasture this morning to knock down some of the junk that grows up over the summer.  And while these horses have about ten acres of pasture and lots of grass, they seemed to want to eat the pass we were making every time the tractor came around.  As the un-mowed portion got smaller and smaller they moved in with it.

Just when I would think this time they will move before I have to clutch the tractor and wait for them....I'd have to clutch the tractor and wait for them.

I'm starting to think that every living thing on this place wants some form of my attention all of the time. 

The good news was I had a good co-pilot who managed to stay awake for the two hours it took us to mow the field.  Barely.

And even smile about it.  (can someone please get this boy a haircut?)

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