Friday, September 7, 2012

WA Trip - Day 3 (Friday Flowers!)

This morning started with another class at Danielle's dance studio which I have to admit, while I enjoy, is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone.  This afternoon though led us to a place that was right up my alley.  One of the women that dances at the studio has a flower farm and I'm pretty sure the feeling Danielle gets when she's dancing is similar to how I felt when we got close enough to start seeing these signs...

And soon enough I. was. in. heaven.  Otherwise known as Sunshine Crafts and Flowers or what Danielle refers to as Jane's flower farm, this is an amazing little flower farm set among acres and acres of rolling fields of wheat.  

Here I found what I hope to be the start of a long friendship as well as what my garden has been missing for the last two months.

Milan had a big time running through rows and rows of flowers over his head and then helping me fill our bouquet bucket.

And I have to say that much like Milan, I didn't mind standing in rows and rows of flowers over my head either.  In fact, I felt quite at home.

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