Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Flower Runner

While Milan has many "jobs" to do to help me out around the farm like collecting caterpillars (army worms) off of the kale to feed the chickens,

running green beans three at a time to feed the goats, and now moving mulch with his tonka truck,

the job he has truly become useful doing over the course of the summer involves running flowers.  When I cut flowers on Fridays I leave my buckets at the end of my row and cut flowers until my left hand can't hold anymore and then have to work back down the row to put them in water.  At the beginning of the summer when Milan wanted flowers for his bucket too I would cut spent flowers for him to stay busy playing with while I worked.  Lately though he seems to have figured it out so this morning I let him run my small sunflowers back to the bucket and he actually did a pretty good job.

When we were done, only one sunflower didn't make it into the water.  I may have some real help next summer!

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  1. nice...wait till he is older and finds out that other growers pay good money for well trained farm help