Friday, December 28, 2012

Itty Bitty Greenhouse

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my itty bitty greenhouse which tends to become the catch-all junk room over the summer for everything that can't seem to make it all the way from the field to the barn or the shed.

I took a few pictures that day with the intention of writing yet another post regarding my observation that this greenhouse is also a favorite nesting ground for a large black widow population.

Putting off this post though has made my point moot because this is what ten inches of snow did to my greenhouse while we were gone to Iowa for Christmas.


  1. Oh my goodness!! The spider pictures are so creepy! and wow ten inches of snow...I am from Oklahoma and we didn't get much snow there but more snow than I've seen over the past several years! From Oklahoma I moved to New Mexico- no snow, Jacksonville Florida- no snow, San Diego CA- no snow, and now we are in Okinawa Japan and still no snow! Maybe someday we will live in a place were the winter months look wintery :) Good luck rebuilding your green house. Love looking at all your wonderful outside pictures while cooped up in our 5th floor apartment! I really miss having a yard! Maybe our next duty station!


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