Monday, December 3, 2012

More Bulbs

Last week we spent an afternoon working up a bed that used to have blueberry bushes in it to get it ready for flowers.  Several years ago we planted a row of blueberry bushes on the north side of our dog pen and they just never grew very well compared to the bushes we planted on the south end of the dog pen.  The biggest difference in their growing conditions was definitely the amount of sunshine each row received.  Two years ago we started another row of blueberries in full sunlight north of our blackberries.  Last spring we decided to extend that row by transplanting the older bushes that we didn't feel were getting enough sunlight.  This left an open space that looked perfect for a flower bed.  And it just so happened that I had bags of flower bulbs to fill it.  The remainder of Robert's impulsive splurge at a big box store a few weeks ago, I now have a huge bed of daffodils and dutch irises.  Now the hard part....waiting.

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