Monday, February 25, 2013


I was reminded this weekend that I am seriously slacking on blog posts lately and while I hate to make excuses for it all I can say is that February shouldn't be this hard, y'all.  February should still be a relatively easy month for us around the farm.  We do some pruning and mulching and I start a bunch of seeds but this February has been crazy.  The walk-in cooler is so close to being finished, the structure is done, it has lights and electricity, it simply lacks a floor.  For the last three weeks though it has been put on the back burner while all of the pieces to build the greenhouse slowly rolled onto the farm.  One by one, shutters, fans, blowers, wiggle wire and poly have been dropped off and last Monday we finally had everything here.  Robert came home from work early to finish framing the end walls and then the sky opened up and for the next three days this is the view I saw from every direction...

So we sat and in between showers Robert would go out and put up one board at a time.  

(sidenote: this is Jody's preferred place to be during thunder and lightning)

And when kicked out of the feed room, I later found her taking shelter in the walk-in cooler...

Saturday we caught a break though and everyone pitched in to get the end walls done.

Although Saturday went well into dark...

Finally, Sunday afternoon we were ready to skin this little hoophouse.  This was not made easier by the fact that the length and width of the poly I ordered came to us reversed.  Nevertheless, by dark last night, this is where we left off.  Almost done.

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