Friday, March 29, 2013

Flower Ladder

Last September, Milan and I took a trip to Washington to visit my sister and while we were there visited a flower farm that I fell in love with.  On a second trip to Jane's farm, Jane passed along a fantastic idea for displaying flower bouquets at the farmers market...on a ladder.

It just so happens that I come from a family that rarely gets rid of anything.  So it was no surprise that the answer was yes when I asked my dad if he had an old stepladder that he wasn't using.  The ladder made it to the farm in the back of a boat last fall and there it sat until I had procrastinated long enough to be in a hurry to get it fixed up.

It started about about 8 feet tall.  Much too tall to fit under my tent at the market and much to heavy for me to carry just about anywhere.  So Robert cut two feet off of it.

And then Mary, Milan and I painted  The same blue as my bathroom.  We used paint from when we built our house eight years ago.

Then we set a few tulips in front of it and decided we really liked it.

So Robert helped attach the vases with self-tapping screws and I finished it with a few butterflies.

The finished product...

I'm hoping to fill it full of tulips at the Hillcrest market this weekend.  More pictures to come!


  1. I think that little boy would be a great marketing tool!

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