Thursday, April 18, 2013

Last Weekend's Markets

A few pictures from the Hillcrest farmers market and the Bernice Garden Farmers market last weekend.

I woke up a week ago Tuesday to find that the deer had discovered the tulip beds.  The damage could definitely have been much worse so I considered us pretty lucky and decided to spend the day harvesting all of the remaining tulips.  This is where the walk-in cooler became important.  In the past when the tulips came all at once I had to beg my buddy Eddie to make room in his cooler for my tulips.   This year we just had to flip a switch.

On Friday I pulled out about half of the tulips and Milan and I ran a few buckets in to sell at the Conway Locally Grown drop.  On Saturday morning I loaded up to meet Mary in at the Hillcrest market with tulips, eggs, lettuce and kale.

And on Sunday we re-stocked and sold to a fantastic crowd at the opening day of the Bernice Gardens Farmers market.  

This week we'll pull out the remaining tulips and repeat that circuit.  Last week for tulips, y'all!  

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