Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Library Books & Blister Beetles

Okay, so not in my fields.  But check this out.  Milan picks this book out at the library.  I thumb through it quickly and throw it in the pile of books he's picked that are filled with animals and plants and barns and trains.

Children's books regarding gardening and critters are definitely not in short supply and I usually enjoy reading most of the library books we come home with.  This one though, I opened to find that it's author must be a little twisted.  This page was enough to make my skin crawl and give me flashbacks to last summer.

The striped blister beetle.  My nemesis.  My sworn (many-times over) enemy.  

Who puts nasty critters like this in a children's book?


  1. I tended my first vegetable garden (organic) last year and everything went swimmingly until the attack of the blister beetles. I'd not previously seen these creatures prior to their occupation in my garden but now their sunflower seed like, menacing bodies create an image I'll never forget! Ugh!

    1. I know, right? Those little buggers have given me nightmares over the last two summers!