Saturday, March 8, 2014

Catching up Since January

So much has happened around here in the last two months!  I've put off writing any blog posts because the things I have to write about deserve so much attention but I can't seem to find the time to give it.  I'm going to try to catch up on some of it in one post.

The biggest news and the reason everything else slowed way down around here in January was the arrival of our newest farmhand, Baby Gus.

Now almost two months old and with the arrival of some warmer weather. he's starting to join us in our work around the farm.  

The second major happening on the farm in January was the completion of our high tunnel project.  

We're excited about the season extension this 30x72 foot structure is going to give us early in the spring and late in the fall that we haven't had before.  A blog post dedicated to building this high tunnel will come in the very near future.  

Finally, the reason we are not only caught up around the farm but ahead of where we've been in the past has to do with the arrival of our spring interns that started work out here in February.  This will be our fourth year as part of Hendrix College's internship program and we are more involved than ever.  

In the past we have hosted as many as three interns on the farm during a semester.  This semester we are hosting five in addition to hiring two of our former interns as part-time employees on the farm.  They have been a super crew and a pleasure to work with.  They all have taken on major roles on the farm and have made working out here a team effort.  Not only do I appreciate the help they provide but I really enjoy the energy and company they bring every day.  And Milan does too.

I'm excited that they also want their voices heard.  Soon they will begin writing blog posts for me regarding their experience here at the farm over the course of the semester.  A great way to help me keep up to date with this blog and provide more than just my perspective.  

That catches me up on major news.  Now to begin the process of catching up on our spring planting progress.  Today though, it's way too pretty to stay inside on the computer!

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