Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Last week I had a load of compost delivered from American Composting.  This load will be used to top off the beds in the existing high tunnels and to build beds for the new tunnel we will be putting up over the next few months.  It serves a dual purpose of being entertainment for two little boys while I'm getting work done on nice January days.

The upside to this arrangement is it literally entertains them for several hours at a time.  

The downside is that it feels like I spend several hours afterwards getting the compost off of every single part of their little bodies.  Seriously.  I found compost in Gus' diaper for two days after this, despite several showers.  

And despite the 65 degree day we had on Monday when these pictures were taken, remnants of the weekend's snow still remained in the shade of the tunnels.

While I was working I heard Milan repeating to Gus, "only eat clean snow".  

As I look out and see this.


  1. what a hoot! (but tell Milan, it's just the yellow snow he needs to watch out for!)

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