Monday, April 24, 2017

Pickup Instructions for this Week's Farmshare

  We have three pickup options this year.  You signed up for one when you sent in your membership agreement.  That will remain your pickup location through the entire Farmshare.  If you don't know which one you signed up for, you need to contact me!  I'm going to give three sets of instructions specific to each location.  If I have information specific to one group each week, I will always preface it by highlighting that group's name.  So don't panic if something I've written doesn't make any sense to you, check to see if the info is meant for a different pickup location!  Cool?  Ok.

So first up this week, on April 25 will be the Tuesday, Little Rock pickup at the home of Julie Majors, 1600 Tarrytown.  Her address works in GPS but if you have trouble finding it, holler.  My husband, Robert, will be dropping this food off before he goes to work.  He comes straight to LR after dropping off at school in Conway in the morning.  Barring no traffic accidents on I40 coming into LR, he should always have the food dropped off shortly before 9.  If you show up at 9 and he's not there, check iDrive.  He will be there rain or shine as long as he's not stuck in a wreck.  Your food will be arriving in large coolers that he will set under the tree in Julie's yard.  I will send a clipboard with a list of your names on it as well as instructions regarding what you are supposed to take.  Please mark next to your name that you have picked up your food.  If it is raining, this clipboard will be in one of the coolers so open them up.  If you signed up for an Eggshare, your eggs will be there in a cooler, don't forget them!  This pickup will be from 9-11 every Tuesday.  Robert will come back and pickup these coolers around lunch, so if you don't make it in the 9-11 window the coolers will be gone.

Next will be the Thursday Farm pickup.   Y'all get to come see me!  Your first pick up will be April 27.  There are two windows of time that we need you to try to hit for pickup.  The morning window is from 9-12 and the afternoon window is from 4-6.  I will actually have to leave the farm on Thursdays at 11 to pickup from school, however, our farmhand Mike will be here to cover until I get back.  If you need to pick up in between these times, it's not a big deal, just message me and we will make arrangements.  If you and I have talked about bringing your food to Conway with me, now's the time to remind me and we'll work it out.  
Directions to the farm: Our address is 1780 Hwy 64 East, Vilonia.  However, it does NOT work well in GPS, please go by my directions!
From Conway:  Head east on Oak St/Hwy 64.  Stay on 64!  Don't get off of 64 to go through Vilonia!  We live on 64!  When you hit the light at the intersection of 64/107 you will be about 5 miles from the farm.  When you see Gunter's RV on your left, you are super close and our driveway is just around the next curve in the road and will be on your right.  You will pass our first driveway which has a green gate across it and our second driveway will have our mailbox that says 1780.  You will see a few large hoophouses and a green metal building.  Come to the green building!
From Beebe, Cabot, Jax:  Make your way to El Paso and head west on Hwy 64.  Our driveway is 2 miles from the stop sign in El Paso and will be on your left.  You will see the hoophouses and a green metal building.  The mailbox says 1780.

Finally, the Saturday pickup at the Hillcrest Farmers Market:  Your first pick will be April 29 and your pickup will run in conjunction with market hours.  For the next two weeks those hours are from 8-noon.  After the first week in May the market opens an hour earlier and everything starts at 7.  You will come to our market booth and directly behind our market booth I will have a second tent set up specifically for you.  I will be there to answer questions but I will have signs on crates of food telling you how much you need to take of each item.  While we will be there until noon, I would encourage you to come as early as possible since we have no way to keep your food cold all morning, especially as summer hits.  

Please text or email me with any questions or if you need to use your skip week!


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