Thursday, October 4, 2012

Green Beans

YAY!  Green beans!!

In August we planted a fall crop of green beans.  BUSH green beans.  Which always seems like a good idea when it's time to plant but never seems so great when it's time to pick.  For that matter, when it's time to pick, it seems like a horrible idea.  There is no doubt that picking bush green beans is my least favorite task on the farm.  Spending hours and hours bent over picking beans in rows that seem endless is tedious and eventually, painful.  However, I love selling green beans...because they ALWAYS sell and as long as I'm in the act of selling them, I'm not in the process of picking them.  Beautiful, tender green beans are a hit with just about everyone.

Except me...when they still look like this...

YAY!  Green beans!  

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